Outlines For Finding Significant Aspects Of Gambling Slot Machines

Outlines For Finding Significant Aspects Of Gambling Slot Machines

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Alan Ross.JPG Does my wife? Yeah. Doug Stewart of Marietta, investor +7 Buy Now Donald Clark/ Staff - Ross Williams Lets not destroy the state by having gambling all over. Do it in set areas like... Columbus, because its close to Alabama and you would have Alabama people coming overand you would get some Georgia people going south. It would be better there because youve got a military base, youve got a lot of things going on. Donald Clark of Powder Springs, retired +7 Buy Now Bob Shively/ Staff - Ross Williams I just think theres too many other things to do, too many other ways for people to waste their money. I dont think it adds that much to entertainment at all. Bob Shively of Hiram, retired +7 Buy Now Dave Danielson/ Staff - Ross Williams You can drive down to the Gulf right now, go to the different resorts they have within a couple of hours from here. So I think its been shown to work in many parts of the country. The fact that we may think we cant control it doesnt seem to me to be a reason not to do it. We need to be able to control those elements we dont like about it, but I dont think its a bad thing. Dave Danielson of Dallas, technology sales +7 Buy Now Jackie Staton/ Staff - Ross Williams I think casino gambling should be legalized here, but I also think like any other industry, they should have to be regulated.

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the search has not been able to locate the aircraft," Malaysian, Australian and Chinese authorities said in a statement. "The decision to suspend the underwater search has not been taken lightly nor without sadness." The last search vessel left the area on Tuesday, the three countries said, after scouring the 120,000-sq-km (46,000-sq-mile) area of the Indian Ocean sea floor that has been the focus of the almost-three-year search. Malaysia, Australia and China agreed in July to suspend the $145 million search if the plane was not found, or if new evidence that might offer a clue as to its whereabouts was not uncovered, once that area had been checked. Australia last month dismissed an investigators' recommendation to shift the search further north, saying that no new evidence had emerged to support that. Since the crash, there have been competing theories over whether one, both or no pilots were in control, whether it was hijacked - or whether all aboard perished and the plane was not controlled at all when it hit the water. Adding to the mystery, investigators believe someone may have deliberately switched off the plane's transponder before diverting it thousands of miles out over the Indian Ocean. A next-of-kin support group called Voice 370 said in a statement investigators could not leave the matter unsolved. "In our view, extending the search to the new area defined by the experts is an inescapable duty owed to the flying public in the interest of aviation safety," Voice 370 said. Most of the passengers were from China. TRACES A Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman, asked about the end of the search, said China placed great importance on the search and had actively participated in it alongside Australia and Malaysia. The spokeswoman did not elaborate.

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